We position ourselves as an extension of your team, becoming integral to your business success

Image of event planning

One of the key features of our strategic operation at SJ Events is that when we deliver an event for a client, we seek to become integral to their business to ensure the success of that event.

A dictionary definition of integral states that it is – “necessary to make a whole complete; essential or fundamental.” These are some of the traits we like to use to describe the relationships we have with our clients.

At SJ, we are team players first and foremost. This is applicable not only for our own business but is also hugely important for our working relationships with clients.

When we work with a client, we do not want to be viewed as an “at arm’s length” supplier. Instead we work hard to integrate and become part of the client’s team. We do this by investing time to build strong relationships at all levels within the client’s business. That way we naturally become an extension of their team because we understand them and what they are looking to achieve.

The closeness to the client and the key decision makers is important because by taking time to understand them we can immerse ourselves in their culture and vision. Then, by understanding their objectives we can formulate how our work and input can help deliver them through the events and experiences we create. The first question we always ask is not about location or budget, but about what is it that the client is trying to achieve through holding an event? The answer then guides us to deliver the right solutions to help them reach their goals.

We have a simple philosophy that we work to. The event is always about the client, not us. We want to become a trusted business partner, delivering events and experiences that make a difference to their business and the audiences they interact with.

Our focus is always to work collaboratively. We have amassed an awful lot of experience in event design and delivery, so we want clients to be able to use that experience to benefit their existing in-house capabilities. This merging of experiences helps to create one seamless team who can focus on meeting the wider business objective.

The benefit of bringing in an external agency to work alongside an in-house team is that they can share their know-how, identify new strategies and processes that can ultimately benefit the bottom line of a client’s business. In the context of events, a knowledgeable events agency can open doors and create opportunities. Because of our industry contacts we can negotiate lower rates from suppliers and can save clients’ money by obtaining the best rates and terms possible, alongside the ability to negotiate on cancellation and attrition terms, which is particularly important in challenging times such as those we currently find ourselves in.

When we measure our success, we like to look at our events and experiences creating significant outcomes. It might sound like a cliché but simply put, a client’s success is our success. When we reflect on our own impact there really is no other business performance measure that is as effective.