Why we refreshed our brand

SJ Events turns 15 in 2020. I still find it hard to believe it has been 15 years since taking those first intrepid steps to become a business owner. As I reflect on where the business is today I am immensely proud of the team for everything we have achieved and I have learnt a lot and also laughed a lot.

I am very grateful to everyone that has helped and supported me during those 15 years. I also need to extend a thank you to all those clients who have trusted us to deliver events and incentive travel programmes for them.

People who know me well will recognise that I can be a little restless. I am the type of person who is always eager to move forward and experience the next. That extends to the business as well. Our business is in great shape. We entered this year with our strongest ever pipeline of confirmed events and enquiries. This week alone we have just confirmed another event and two new briefs have landed on the desk.

That is why I felt it was right to begin the next chapter of the business. We have taken the opportunity to refresh our branding and I like to think the new branding reflects a new maturity in our company.

As we move forward and continue to grow, I remain committed to staying true to our roots and core values. We will remain dedicated to connecting people through memorable events and experiences. We will maintain our simple philosophy – “we make the event about the client, not about us” – and we also want to continue to provide a straightforward but fun approach to event management.

We have had a really positive response to the new branding and it has provided us with a real impetus for this year. And that makes me really excited to look towards the next 15 years and the next phase in the history of SJ Events.


Sam Spillane, Managing Director

January 2020