Why hiring an events agency is a wise investment

• It is a misconception that hiring an agency is expensive
• Professional expertise saves time and money as well as bringing peace of mind
• With a good agency you are not relinquishing control; they become your team

We use and trust professionals in many areas of our lives, both personally and professionally; from health and legal matters to design and building projects. So why not use professionals for managing your events too?

As events professionals you would not be surprised that we advocate the use of an agency to deliver your events. Why? Well, let us explain our thinking…

If an event is being organised in-house, it often becomes an extension of someone’s job, to be fitted in around their other responsibilities. So, with the best of intentions, it rarely has the true level of focus an outside professional can bring to it. An events agency will be focused on your event and dedicate the right time and resource to make it a success.

A fresh pair of external eyes will also bring new and exciting ideas to the table, drawing on the experience and knowledge gained by delivering events for a variety of clients. Understanding what works, the logistics involved and the time resource required is where an external agency can provide real value add. This is what they do all the time.

A professional events agency also has a wealth of contacts across the industry, and these can be used to your advantage when planning an event. A knowledgeable event management company will be able to open doors and create opportunities that might not be so readily available to someone new to managing an event. They will also, due to their industry connections, have access to lower rates from suppliers and can save money by obtaining the best rates and terms possible. They will not just secure the best value in terms of direct event costs; they will also negotiate on cancellation and attrition terms, complimentary extras and other aspects of an event cost which non-professionals might not consider.

It is not just tangible money savings that make the investment of a professional agency attractive. The appointment of an agency will take away the stress of event planning, leaving their client more time to focus on what they do best (and what they are actually employed to do!) At the event itself the agency team will take care of everything, ensuring that all is running smoothly, thus allowing the host to devote their time and full attention to their guests.

An agency’s experience of running events makes them well-positioned to manage any unforeseen circumstances. Rigorous risk assessing and contingency planning will have taken place pre-event to ensure all bases are covered. The team will not be phased by any curve balls thrown and will have encountered similar circumstances before so will be able to ease away any challenges behind the scenes.

Event agencies not only invest in their staff’s personal training, but also in the infrastructure that keeps them abreast of industry trends and developments. This allows them to provide clients with enhanced offerings such as event websites and delegate management processes which could be beyond the provision of internal resources and make for a smoother event delivery and delegate experience.

Time is the most precious commodity for most business owners and their employees. An event requires meticulous planning, coordination and attention to detail. This all takes time. Do businesses have the time to organise an event successfully? What will they be missing out on if their focus is on the event rather than running the operation of the business?

Agencies can and will invest this time. It is their raison d’être. In our view, a combination of being able to tangibly save money but also importantly time, makes the appointment of an events agency to manage your next event a wise investment.