Experience drives intuition, which delivers better events

Experience is defined as knowledge or skill in a particular job or activity that you have gained because you have done it for a long time.  Most people recognise it as a huge benefit in business, because it is a clear indicator that you know what you are doing.

Communication skills, teamwork, problem solving, self-motivation and time management are all soft skills which are pretty much essential in any workplace and are certainly highly valued by employers. And as you might imagine, they are especially important in a multi-tasking role like event management.

People learn in different ways, but have we ever questioned ourselves on how we learn best – is it from theory or is it from practical experience?

As a successful and growing event management agency we think about this a lot. How do we make ourselves better? How do we ensure that each event is better than the last? How can the event best meet the objectives of the client?

Every day is a school day and there are always new things to learn, but how much emphasis do we put on intuition, especially when we have worked for a number of years in a certain sector or industry?

The definition of intuition is “the ability to understand something without the need for conscious reasoning.” We develop our own sixth sense, which is hugely valuable in helping us to make better decisions about everything we do.  So, in business, good intuition comes from amassing years of knowledge and experience that allows you to interpret people and situations and find the appropriate solution.

Intuition plays an essential role in decision-making and can be very helpful in fast-moving environments such as event management when you are constantly working within rapidly changing situations.

With experience and greater intuition, we can develop a better feeling for what is going on and what we need to do about it. Today we are bombarded with information and we need to be sure that this does not overshadow our intuitive thoughts. Events have a feeling about them. Here at SJ we have learnt from every event we have delivered, and we bring that learning to each and every experience we design and deliver.

We believe that based on our years of experience and by using our intuition, we can interpret your event requirements. We are confident that because of this we know the answer to your event needs. And in the words of one Albert Einstein:

“The only really valuable thing is intuition.”