What is the role of an event organiser?

  • Taking responsibility from beginning to end
  • Understanding the client and what they want to achieve
  • Turning concepts into reality

Whether it’s personal or professional, there is so much to get right when you are planning a big event. And, when it is vital that everything goes to plan on the day, event organisers are worth their weight in gold.

So what is the role of an event organiser? To put it simply, it’s the person who is in charge of an event from beginning to end. The individual or team that will make sure the plan is outlined in microscopic detail, that every last element is in place, and that everything happens as it should do on the day to ensure its success – on time and on budget.

Things a Good Event Organiser Will Do

First things first – the best event organisers make the job look easy.

But it’s not as simple as just making a couple of bookings and ensuring the room looks pretty on the day. Things a good event organiser will do behind the scenes cover a huge spectrum and it’s vital that the person in charge is open-minded, flexible and focused on the job at hand.

Whilst the basic elements of event organising might be similar, every project is unique and has its own individual requirements. So for it to be the best it can be on the day, a good event organiser will explore every possible option to make it go well and adapt their working practices accordingly.

From the outset a good event organiser will start by getting to know you and take the time to understand what is important to you about your event. An initial meeting is a great starting point to cover these bases, as well as go through more of the fine detail and specific requirements such as location, budget and lots of other stuff that will be uncovered through meticulous questioning!

A good event organiser will then come up with a detailed proposal with lots of ideas that meet your specific objectives and are achievable within your budget.

Once the plan is agreed, it is all about turning the concepts into reality. A good event organiser will map out the plan, secure the venue and firm up the programme, keeping you regularly updated on what is happening throughout the process.

A good event organiser will have factored in things like health and safety requirements, progress meetings and supplier briefings. Things like special dietary requirements, venue access and travel logistics will have been carefully managed. And all your delegates will know exactly where they are meant to be and when.

And on the day itself, a good event organiser will arrive before everybody and make sure everything is set up. They will have final briefings with all those involved. They will oversee the smooth running of the entire event and quietly deal with any issues that arise in a calm and professional way. They will ensure that after your guests have departed that the client is happy, that everything is cleared and that the venue and all the other people involved in the day are thanked.

And after the event they will ask for your feedback and review the whole process with you, establishing what can be improved upon in the future. And because they have been such a good event organiser, you will want to have them back next time.