Tips for stress-free travel

  • Make it easy for yourself – have a bag with wheels
  • Always know where your passport is
  • If you can’t afford to lose it – don’t pack it

Are you one of those people that find themselves in a manic frenzy hours before you are due to leave for the airport? Do you frequently need to jump on top of your ram-packed suitcase to get it done up? If you find preparing for travel a highly stressful affair, then these tips should help you ease your way into your next trip…

Passive Packing

Up to a week before departure, practice the fine art of ‘Passive Packing’ by placing your suitcase open in the corner of your bedroom. Each time you think of something or come across an item that you think you might need, pop it into your suitcase. This way instead of frantically searching for items last minute, you’ll be doing a far simpler, faster and less stressful job.

Bags with wheels

Whilst a backpack might seem more agile for your travels, it is inevitable that the aircraft you are boarding is located at the furthest gate! Add to it the odd purchase from duty-free and a bottle of water for the flight, by the time you board the aeroplane you are likely to be in a lot of discomfort! This is where you’ll thank yourself for bringing a bag with wheels. And if it has four, rather than the usual two, all the better!

Always be half packed

One for the frequent traveller. In between trips, keep a suitcase with the basics in it ready to go. Consider travel sized toiletries (100ml or less) that can be carried in hand luggage if required. When you return from a trip, make sure you refill your washbag so it is ready to go for your next departure. This also avoids having to panic-buy toothpaste or deodorant at the airport when the queues are long and you are in a hurry…

Two is better than one

…at least when it comes to chargers, camera batteries, adaptors and USB cables! So we recommend having one set for home and a second set that remains in your case between trips. For international travel we also suggest carrying adaptors with built-in multi-country plugs so that several devices can be plugged in at the same time.

Avoid the untested

There’s nothing worse than blisters from new shoes, or a linen jacket that creases terribly (and unexpectedly). Actually, there is something worse: the new underwear you bought that simply isn’t as comfy as you thought! Don’t pack anything that you haven’t worn before. And definitely don’t pack anything that you don’t wear at home. I can assure you that despite your best intentions you won’t wear it while you’re away either!

Your passport

Oh Yes. The passport. It goes without saying… always know where your passport is. Make sure that you keep it in the same place at home when you aren’t travelling, and that you are on top of the expiry date and validity regulations in your chosen destination. This avoids last-minute stress, long waits at the passport office, or worse still – disappointment at the airport! Also consider other important documents that you never need until you actually need them. Sounds daft but things like Travel Insurance details, EHIC cards and driving licences really do serve a purpose.

And finally

We all love beautiful things. But they’re not always appropriate to take on our travels. Follow the “Golden Rule”: If you can’t afford to lose it (either financially or emotionally), then don’t pack it!